Vacation Bible Camp 2019

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VBC 2019 Theme Song

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7 Things to Know about VBC 2019

#1: Safety First

We want all campers to stay safe at VBC and we need your help with this in the following ways:

  • Always follow the 2-leader rule. (Never be alone with a camper)
  • Do not use the same bathroom as the campers.
  • Follow our touch and discipline guidelines as listed in our Safety and Procedures Handout. (You can find that on the VBC volunteer hub)
  • Pay attention to how campers are treating each other. Respect!

#2: Arrive Early

Camp begins each day at 12:30, but campers arrive early. Plan to be in your area by 12:15 (If you are leading a rotation; times might be a little different)

    #3: Communicate

    Chat with your co-leaders in your group and have a clear plan of who is doing what!

    #4: Prepare

    Don’t wait until 5 minutes before your teaching time to look over the plan. Read it over the day before or the morning before so you know what is coming.

      #5: Establish Guidelines

      Communicate with your kids what is acceptable behavior during the various parts of camp.

      #6: Connect

      Look to connect with your campers outside of the regular classroom/small group time. It’s easy to take “time off” during rotations and large group time but use this time to hang with the kids and get to know them a little better.

      #7: Pray

      Pray for your kids that they will sense God’s love and be better to everyone once camp is over.

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