The Great Adventure (Vacation Bible Camp 2021)

July 18–23, 2021

Church of the Resurrection

Vacation Bible Camp 2021

Life is a Great Adventure and comes with highs and lows – much like hiking and climbing mountains! As we explore the Israelites’ great adventure from Egypt to the Promised Land, campers will learn that God is always with us and will guide our paths. They will learn to never give up, and to look to help others on their great adventure too!

New VBC Extra Events this year!

We are adding two VBC Special Events for your family to take part in to complete your Great Adventure. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless if signed up to attend VBC in-person or at home!

Sunday VBC Kick-Off, July 18 | During KiDSCOR

Attend KiDSCOR in person at 9 or 11 am, or Zoom at 9:30 am to get a jump start on your VBC adventure! Later in the day, grown- ups  can watch a special video message from Pastor Adam sharing about the Israelites’ adventure in the wilderness and some tips on how to make VBC an excellent adventure for your entire family.

Friday VBC Celebration, July 23 | 6:30-8:30 pm

Everyone is invited for a VBC celebration at your Resurrection location. We’ll have games, food, fun, as well as some epic adventure surprises along the way! Bring your friends along for the adventure.

Together we can bring access to food to our friends in Malawi

In Malawi, many friends have access to only a couple foods, and may eat only 2 meals a day.  Many important foods for growing strong and healthy are missing!

You can help villages grow special gardens (with animals!) that provide COMPLETE nutrition! “Permaculture gardens” have been designed to provide 6 very important food groups to the community: Vegetables (leafy greens, kale, tomato, carrots), Fruits (apples, oranges, lemons), Legumes & Nuts (groundnuts/peanuts, beans, peas, cowpeas/black-eyed pea), Animal Foods (chicken, meat, eggs, milk), Fats (cooking oil, soybeans, groundnuts/peanuts), Staples (grains, maize, rice, cassava).

Our goal of $14,000 will not just provide seeds, plants and animals to villages, but important trainings for staff and equipment like rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows.

We have blown past our goal!  Way to go campers!! How high can we go??


Today’s Giving Update

Total $ Raised for permaculture gardens


of our Goal

Daily Activities

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