Live Like a Champ: Training Camp (Vacation Bible Camp 2020)

Worship & Activity
Video Library

Worship Videos

Born to Be a Champ


Walk Like a Champ

Go (for Preschoolers)

Serve Like a Champ

Mission Videos

Malawi Games & Music

Importance Of Clean Water

How Boreholes Work

The Malawi Language

Craft & Activity Videos

Champ Trophy

Day 2

Pom Pom Popper

Day 3

Ballpark Pretzel

Day 4

Shaving Cream Party

Day 5

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Church of the Resurrection's KiDSCOR Directors

Nick Ransom

Nick Ransom


Christie Walker

Christie Walker

West (Olathe)

Sarah Brischle

Sarah Brischle


Diane Enlow

Diane Enlow

Blue Springs

Lauren Cook

Lauren Cook

Overland Park

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